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Welcome to www.ReplicationAnswers.com - a community resource for SQL Server DBAs who are interested in learning more about SQL Server replication....Please send any comments about articles etc to Paul.Ibison@ReplicationAnswers.Com.
Consultancy....I'm getting a lot of emails asking for advice and help with replication. Sometimes this is from big firms (most recently the Royal Bank of Scotland) and sometimes small firms (a local veterinary practice!). Doesn't matter to me - I like all this sort of work! Please refer to the separate page if this might be of interest to you. Also, mostly this is done remotely so where you are isn't an issue.
Below is a list of the most recent additions to the site.
Adding a FK to a merge article causes the merge agent to fail why? Merge 15/4/2014
"Error # 5 was generated by .Net SqlClient Data Provider The insert failed. It conflicted with an identity range check constraint in database 'DB', replicated table 'dbo.Table', column 'ID'. If the identity column is automatically managed by replication, update the range as follows: for the Publisher, execute sp_adjustpublisheridentityrange; for the Subscriber, run the Distribution Agent or the Merge Agent. Unable to insert [dbo].[Table] The statement has been terminated." This error was produced on the publisher sopradically - we would get some errors and then it runs ok - without an obvious pattern. What is the solution? Merge 11/3/2013